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Industry news

Desulfurization and denitrification by activated carbon GB OK.

Activated carbon industry associations from Shanxi Province on November 21 came the news: Shanxi Xinhua Chemical Company the sulfur denitrification activated carbon production standards are identified for the country desulfurization

Department of Homeland urge barrels oil shale gas exploitation of oil and gas region.

Shale gas resource blocks with the traditional oil and gas blocks overlap problem, the Ministry of Land and Resources issued a document to be qualified.

Many ministries in combating black rare earth or the implementation of the the competent regional leadership accountability system.

"Economic Information Daily" reporter has learned from authoritative sources at the following mid-October, the Ministry of Industry to start after the Rare Earth illegal Verification and rectification work

High raw material prices led to a the PTA production enterprise long-term loss.

Market participants said that Asia outside China purified terephthalic acid (PTA) producers worried about the profitability of the industry is declining
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